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Dr Noodles Testimonials

What Our Visitors Say

Dear all of the Dr. Noodles staff. This is not an enquiry, instead, this is just a quick message of appreciation. My name is Connor Oldroyd and I am a regular customer at the recently opened Dundee noodle bar. I visit the bar every day on my lunch break at work and I am always overly satisfied with the quality and freshness of the food. The staff are always extremely friendly and welcoming, adding to my positive experiences of my visits day in and day out. I can guarantee I am not the only person that recognises all of your hard work and dedication to delivering great customer service and committing to the success of the company as a whole. Please feel free to pass on my short message of gratitude to whomever it may concern. With kind regards, Connor Oldroyd

Hey my name is Emil and I come from northern Sweden. I visited my friend in Dundee a couple of weeks ago and had the fortune of eating noodles from you twice during my stay. I couldn't believe how good those noodles tasted, it was unimaginable at first. I have never had that good noodles ever before, even though I've eaten noodles that are far more expensive. I know this is an awful thing to say but I hope that you don't go too big because chains that are too big usually lose quality and I would love to come back to Scotland another year and possibly get the same quality noodles as I did a few weeks ago. I had sweet and sour with chicken and honey with chicken btw, both were really good. Thanks in advance and thanks for some great noodles.

The Doc's reply:


Thank you for taking the time to write and thank you for your kind comments. We too are well aware of Chains not being as good. This is why we wish for every restaurant that opens comes with the amazing staff that we look for and employ at Dr Noodles. As if it wasn't for the amazing staff that have a passion towards the Dr Noodles name, we wouldn't have a business or be able to expand. Please come back again soon and say hi. You never know, Sweden may have a Dr Noodles soon!!

I like to indulge in most types of takeaway. I'd probably list them in order of Chinese, Indian, Thai or possibly a dirty kebab or backstreet takeaway pizza if I really need to soak up the beer.

There is this place called Dr Noodles that is a sit in Noodle Bar in St Andrews. My initial thoughts were "lol, noodles, won't be as good as a chow mein from my local" but their stuff is amazing and the cafe style set up really works well.

Imagine my joy when they opened one in Dundee City Centre a month or so ago. Anyway, Dr Noodles. http://www.drnoodles.co.uk/

My wife and I have eaten in St. Andrews for three years. Until your restaurant opened, we did not enjoy eating out in this city due to rude waiters, sub-par food, and expensive meals. Your restaurant, however, has a friendly staff, delicious food, and all for a great price.

Christian George 
(Lecturer St Andrews University)

This is the best restaurant / take-away by far. We felt like we were famous as the staff were so helpful (not had service like that since my holiday in Florida). I had the hot-spicy-king-prawn and my wife had coconut with stir fry veg.

It was amazing no kidding with plenty tap water on request while sitting at a bar watching the chefs work. What fun we had and cant wait to go back. Its a must-go-place. On their menu it said opening in other cities, this is good, but really hope this doesn't compromise the customer service we received as it was 100%. It really made our weekend.

Stewart Leslie

While camping at Strathkinnes for a night, we made an afternoon trip into St Andrews and had a great time at Dr Noodles.

Between the awesome food and the chopsticks, my son Parker said "this place is the best!".

Hope you like the photo.

We'll definitely be back and since we live in Broughty Ferry are glad to hear that there are plans to open a branch in Dundee.

Phil Johnston

What a great idea and the food was deeeeelicious. The noodle bar was very trendy and ultra clean (that I need to have) I had king Prawn hot sauce, so so so tasty I bought another one to take home for my Dad to try too. Happy staff, great music, amazing tasty food at a good price!!! Cant wait to go back. Big thumbs up. There is supposed to be a Facebook site but cant find it?? Help.. I give this 5* as it ended a perfect day in St Andrews for us. A big thanks to the owner as he gave me my second portion free.

Alison K

MMMM nooodles. Fast, cooked to order, hearty noodles and vegetables, stir-fried in a choice 8 or so sauces. 2 sizes - small is ample for me for lunch - regular is quite a hefty portion, but I can still pack it away for dinner!! Optional extras of chicken, beef and maybe shrimp for a bit extra. I used to go for the chicken, but now just have the vegetables and noodles straight up. 

A small, but quite funky, clean seating area with barstools around the walls, although the menu is small, it does what it does rather well - especially for being in the middle of St Andrews and not in Chinatown in San Fran (if you know what I mean!) They have also played great music every time I have been in! 

Downside has got to be the opening hours - they close at 8 during the week. Come on, this is a student town - people will still want to eat something quick and reasonably healthy at that time of night. 

In my opinion, this is one of the places closest to some of the local fast food chains we ate in in the States. Fresh, reasonably healthy and reasonably priced.

Stuart L

Dr Noodles

"In Talks" and working very hard to bring you a Dr Noodles in every city in Scotland.. Watch this space